Gothic Romances

Ghost Romance?

A ghost romance is a gothic romance, but lately, the term ‘gothic’ seems to have multiple meanings when I want to use the older definition: a romance with supernatural elements, the unexplained. Those spooky stories that make you want to read with the lights on.

Originally, when gothic fiction first appeared in the eighteenth century and was developed through the ninteenth century, it had specific tropes (like romance novels do today), including:
  • ghosts
  • revenants
  • supernatural decay
  • the macabre
  • cemeteries
  • castles
  • transgressions against nature
  • perception versus reality
  • madness
  • wonder and terror mixed together
  • strong emotion
  • miraculous survival
  • facing one’s fear
I want to weave these elements into stories alongside my hero and heroine (or heroes or heroines) while they find happiness despite having to battle external and internal forces. But I won’t let the romance get lost for the gothic. Romance is the key, gothic is merely the seasoning. Dive in with me.