Old-fashioned settings, unorthodox, remarkable characters

Welcome. I’m Lisa, writer of Regency and gothic romances. Delve into stories with eccentric heroines and heroes. Or, shiver at the souls who chose to return.

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I'm Lisa

I’m Lisa Demers, a writer of ghost stories and romances where corsetry is involved. My favorite plots to read involve second chances, Cinderella stories, or overcoming great odds. Sometimes I want to nibble on my nails because of the angst, other times I want a smoother time for the lovers.

I love writing about eccentric or fragile people, possibly physically, maybe mentally or socially challenged. The curious or quaint or wacky among us deserve to have their stories written too.

'A smile broke. She saw teeth. “Come,” he held out his hands. She put a foot on the lower rail as his hands guided her over. Those arms made her feel safe and loved as he kissed her over the fence and into happiness.'

Gambling on love, chapter 8

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