bedroom eyes

A series about the power of a pair of charming eyes. They enchant, mesmerize, woo. Book series in order, including upcoming titles.

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Gambling on Love

This Cinderella novella pits Edith Hadley in worn clothes attempting to keep her family home while holding tight to her dreams. New neighbor Jasper Slater steps on her slipper at the monthly dance. It’s love at first site.

Song of Love

Sometimes, heroines see the world with a different pair of eyes. A novel involving bawdy songs, pigs, and misplaced faith. When Nate Fairchild compromises a weeping Augusta Rudhall by offering her a handkerchief, the pair discover music is an excellent foundation for love.
Coming September 2024.

Inventing Love

Family loyalty is tested against individual dreams in this arranged marriage novella. Fenella Hepworth has given up hope. Victor Sloan marries to please his family. An accident, a case of amnesia, and mistaken identity change both their hearts.

Uncovering Love

Stepping outside into the unknown may bring unexpected riches. For years, Maida Locke hid her scarred face but has leased a cottage on the edge of a wood. Bartholomew de Courcy comes to survey those woods. These two sheltered creatures find unexpected joy in each other. Novel coming Spring 2025.

Hidden Love

A sailor recovering from an injury discovers an enchanted cottage. Its occupant is neither fairy nor witch, but the poor niece of local gentry. Sarina Gibbins sews to earn her keep, mourning her lost brother. Oliver Sexton-Brown overcomes the grief over his missing limb to help answer a mystery.