supernatural affinity

A series about the influence of the unforeseen. The invisible power of possession from forces beyond the veil or spirits returning to seek us out. What happens if they get too close?

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Only Scarlett can lift the Curse. A woman who sees ghosts, she returns with a former friend to his family home. Does the ancient family curse have a hold of his father, condemning him to die?


Old family trauma connects the living to the dead in this house of secrets, ghosts, and wrath. Rebecca Cox is caught up in a ducal family’s troubles. Paul Rowntree faces interfering relatives, a ward, and his attraction for Rebecca.


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A duke’s daughter dares to love a lonely woodcutter who isn’t what he seems.

spooky forest

Possession snippet...

‘The ghostly earl continued, and the three of them followed, closer now, no longer having to hurry.
“Is that a ghost we’re following?” Lona asked.
“Yes,” Scarlett answered.
The maid moved closer to Luke, leaving Scarlett to trail the pair.’

Chapter 19